Sunday, April 10, 2011

Classroom Dancing/Weekend Swimming

When everyone is gearing up for Semana Santa, there isn't much real work to be done.  I would say that other than Christmas, this is the biggest holiday of the year.  Semana Santa starts the week of Monday the 18th.  We don't have classes this upcoming Friday the 15th in observance of the holiday, so it will be extra travel time wherever I decide to go.  

Today, we went to Camponario, which is a little neighborhood outside of San Francisco de la Paz.  I had been there once before to eat lunch and swim in the river and enjoyed it very much, so I made subtle hints here and there that I wanted to go back.  The father of one of our teachers has a beautiful set-up.  Two of his grandchildren are my students, so it is fun for me to hang out and see what they are like outside the classroom.  We went to a section of the river perfect for swimming.  The owner of the land created a dam with sandbags to stop the flow of water just enough that there is a large pool of water that is in places almost too deep to touch. It was a good swim with the bucolic scenery and the cool water.

The video below is two of my students dancing for music class.  There is a cheesy CD of English songs that comes with our English books and the students like to dance to them.  We finally got one of the boys to dance with a girl so I recorded it.  
It is safe to say that both teachers and students are ready for a vacation...     

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