Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Granada, Nicaragua

Yesterday didn't go smoothly, in fact it was pretty rough.  We were trying to catch a 9 am bus from Liberia to Managua, but the 6 am bus out of Playa Tamarindo to Liberia was an hour late giving us no chance to make the connection.  On the way to Liberia, our bus shook to a stop with maintenance problems.  We had to wait an hour for another bus to pick us up.  We watched the 10:30 deadline to Managua slip past as well.  When we finally reached Liberia, we went to the ticket office only to find out that there were no tickets leaving Liberia until the next day due to Mother's Day traffic in Nicaragua.  We would have to spend the night.  The best part about staying the night was dinner.  We ate at a wood fire pizza joint in a 120 year old colonial building.  I ate an entire delicious pepperoni pizza and drank three ginger ales because of the heat.  We locked down seats on the 9 am morning bus a to Granada, Nicaragua.  Granada is the Antigua of Nicaragua.  It is complete with the colonial churches, volcanoes, and abundant tourism spots.  I got a little bit of dejavu walking around such a similar city.  I am counting down the days until my actual return!

I have some leftover pictures from Costa Rica as well as some new ones from Granada.  We will be doing something fun tomorrow during the day so a post will follow tomorrow.

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