Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Teguc it is

Last Friday, we sat around the house bored.  We definitely didn't want to stay in the house for the weekend where there would likely be a power outage that makes the entertainment level comparable to the 15th Century. We entertained the idea of going to Juticalpa, but we decided that it just wasn't enough.  Tegucigalpa it is.

Tegucigalpa isn't a flattering city.  It looks impoverished even in the so called "nice" parts of the city.  Still, the internet is literally 1,000 times faster in Teguc than it is in San Francisco de la Paz.  If we do nothing else, it is worth it to download a bunch of music and movies.  Besides going to the American style mall, with American prices that we cannot afford, there really isn't much to do than download.  Another good thing about Teguc is the restaurant selection.  It wouldn't exactly be considered fine dining in U.S. as it is mostly chain restaurants like Chili's, TGIFridays, Pizza hut, and all the fast food places.  One of the valuable things I have learned on my Third World odyssey is that Chili's has a great blue cheese bacon burger.

I have a little under two months here but it isn't time yet to get sentimental.  Although, I have been trying to enjoy my time as much as I can at the school because I know I am going to miss it come November.  I thought the picture below said a lot about Honduras in general.

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