Thursday, March 10, 2011

Got Leche?

Each day Leche is getting stronger and stronger and eating more food.  He can now bark, run, and play like any other dog.  We share a house with Dona Nila and Don Mingo.  Don Mingo used to be the governor of Olancho when Mel Zelaya was in power.  They are both intimidating with their social stature as well as their religious convictions.  They hardly spend any time at this house because they have so many other properties and businesses to look after.  We were extremely nervous to show Leche to them, because they had no idea we had rescued a dog.  Finally we got the courage to bring him over.  We had Leche behind our backs and we told Dona Nila we had a confession to make.  We showed her the dog timidly not knowing what her reaction would be.  She loved him.  She asked if we had all the food and medicine we needed and told us we should have a bed made for him. WHEW.

When we got Leche, you could see his entire skeleton protruding from his frame and now he has a little belly full of food and loves to attack your feet when you are wearing socks.  Last night before he went to bed, it was as if he just figured out that he could bark. A light bulb went off in his mind and he started barking and howling, really proud of his new talent.  After a while, he realized that it was exhausting to bark so much and he curled up in a ball on his makeshift bed and fell asleep.

After a long day of running around and yelling at the kids, Leche is definitely fun to come home to.  Having Leche is great because he doesn't have bad days.  He is always the same happy puppy that he was the day before.


Julia causes a lot of problems in class.  That being said, she is also one of my favorite students.  She is always adorable and even when she makes me mad, it is hard not to smile at her.  She has a mischievous smile that always gets her out of trouble.  Both her mom and dad are working in the United States, so i haven't gotten the chance to meet any of her family.  She is the type of student that likes to be in control.  She likes to dictate the classroom dynamic.  If she doesn't get her way she causes problems.  So I always assign tasked that don't really matter too much to her so she can take the lead.  Like today I said, "Julia, can you please pass these papers out to everyone."  She responded, "Yes, I will, but not until everyone is sitting down and being quiet.  She will probably make a great teacher someday.  Or a great dictator...

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