Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A short blurb

I live for the moments of clarity that cripple my senses.  These moments are new experiences but they are all so familiar, as I have dreamed about them often.  It is a feeling of tranquil spirituality and complete focus--a realization that there is no other place I'd rather be than in this moment, at this time, and at this place.  They have a way of sneaking up on you much like deja vu only less unsettling.  My catalyst for clarity tends to be running.

I went for a run today, the first in a while.  I decided to take a different path to experience different scenery--I'm glad I did.  Outside my little city you get into the campo, or country, into what is a perfect representation of a Banana Republic like Honduras.  There are both recently tilled and recently harvested fields, I guess depending on what's being planted.  The fields dip and roll a bit more than in the Mid West but the sounds and smells are the same.  It was kind of reminiscent of my marathon training runs in the rural farm lands of Ohio.

The beginning of my run always feels awkward since I still hold tension from the day's stress.  It is only when I shake some tension and take slower breaths that I can relax my stride and settle into the rhythm of my feet.  Everything was typical Honduras as I made my way on the dirt path.  I passed a cowboy in full gear with no teeth riding a donkey and a Colt 45 strapped to his belt.  I saw two kids my age riding bicycles while carrying a rifle and a couple lizards for dinner.  I saw a group of women doing laundry and gossiping at the pila.

Soaking it all in you can't help but think that you are taking the right path--both in life and on the run.  I don't have clarity about love or any sort of academic pursuit, but ever so often I am blessed with a faint glimpse of myself and where I stand in the big picture.  I ask myself, "How could it be any other way?"


  1. Nothing better than that feeling

  2. I felt that way today when I bought a power ball ticket and I just knew I was going to win 187 million......Ill buy the dragon back if I win

  3. All's right with the world when that happens. Well said.

  4. Probably my favorite post yet. Very well put.