Sunday, June 5, 2011


In true Olanchan fashion, we arrived to an all day black out with water flooded all throughout the house from a colossal downpour.  There were cockroaches living visibly in the middle of our living room, not trying to keep it a secret anymore.  The trash hadn’t been taken out before the last person left so the whole house smelled of rotten onion and spoiled milk.  Still, I never felt so glad to be at home.  It amazes me how I could even consider Olancho home what with all the power outages, water shortages, guns, unpaved streets, and terrible culinary traditions.  I guess all I have to do is live somewhere for an extended amount of time and it becomes home.  Thank goodness for adaptability. 

The trip was expensive, really expensive, especially in Costa Rica.  The prices are not only American expensive; they are American vacation expensive which is outrageous for someone with my salary.  Luckily, I had been saving a little bit each month so that I could have a good month off.  It was the three S’s: Seafood, Surfing, and Sunbathing.  With a full belly and a little more vitamin D than I had before, I was ready to get back to Honduras, at least for a couple days. 

I’ve got a couple projects going: writing a curriculum, making posters to decorate my room, and of course keeping up with a couple blogs.  I plan to leave for a place I had thought I may never see again: Guatemala.  I’ll stop by Antigua for a couple days, maybe visit the volcanoes again and I’ll be off to Pasac to write about Roots and Wings International for their blog.  Hopefully, this will be more of a business trip and less of a vacation.  I was pretty sick of being idle for over a week.  Stay tuned for a wealth of posts in the coming weeks.

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