Monday, July 25, 2011

6 Months Here

Today, July 25, 2011, marks 6 months that I have been in Honduras.  I had a terrible weekend.  It was one of those weekends where I question what the hell I am doing here.  I wrote a couple pages of what I thought encompassed all my feelings about 6 months in Honduras.  I reread it this morning and decided it would be better not to put that into a blog.  It was basically a pissed off rant.  Here are some bullet points of things I have learned:

  1. Being here hasn't taught me to place any trust in the Honduran people.  I am not saying that Hondurans aren't trustworthy in general or that there aren't any honest Hondurans.  What I am saying is that I haven't met any.
  2. I have never really liked to bathe.  Taking cold showers doesn't make that any easier, and you don't ever really get used to it.
  3. Honduras, and Central America in general, is a beautiful place filled with largely undiscovered treasures.  It really is a tourist's dream.  Would I like to live here permanently?  That is a resounding no.
  4. The thing that makes this all worth it is the teaching, which is what I am here to do.  Sometimes I lose sight of that, but each day when I wake up I have purpose.  I truly believe that what we are doing has an impact on our students.  Maybe when this generation of kids grows up they will behave differently than their parents.  We haven't exactly been welcomed into the community as we would have liked, but each day we keep our mission at the top of the list and it makes all the difference.  And it is totally worth it.  To hear your students speaking English that you taught them is next to nothing I have ever experienced. 
  5.  I don't love this place, I love what I am doing in this place.

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