Saturday, July 2, 2011


FACT: Travel sickness is the worst thing on this planet.  I imagine if I drank water from a rancid puddle of Martian water, I wouldn’t get as sick as I am from eating bad Honduran food.  I haven’t really left the toilet in 4 days.  That is four straight days on the toilet expelling any liquid I drink.  I am beginning to think I will never again have a solid bowel movement.

The worst part about travel sickness is that it completely incapacitates you and leaves you bed ridden.  The boredom almost drives you nuts.  You can’t really stray too far from a bathroom or you are going to have a serious mess on your hands.  In India, I shit the bed.  I woke up at 2 a.m. and realized I had completely lost all bodily functions.  I found a plastic bag and took off all my clothes and threw them in a trashcan outside.  They were unsalvageable.  It never really gets easier being sick and away from home, especially with a sickness so degrading as explosive diarrhea.  Nothing sizes up your distance from home than being sick.  I think it is because in part, being home is feeling completely inline with your health—it is being centered and stable physically and mentally as well as in location. 

So hopefully I will turn the corner soon.  Maybe one day I will be immune to all the bugs that give me travel sickness, though I am not that hopeful.  My Honduran roommate got the same thing just last week and he has never left the country.  Bad food is bad food, I guess.  All I have to say is thank God for the United States Food and Drug Administration…    


  1. Lol, the first time I read it as "A rancid puddle of Marion water," and I thought that was funny... But Martian is even better! Glad you are on the mend. Hugs from home!

  2. Patrick -

    I have to comment on your last blog, and your reference to the FDA. Understand, though I respect the work of the professionals at the FDA, the US has the safest food supply in the world because of our free market system, not because of the agency. In fact, as with most government agencies, the FDA is inefficient and adds no value. The educated Food Scientists, along with the business professionals that manage our food companies, understand that food safety is paramount to being successful in business; and thus, do everything they can to reduce risk to the American public.