Thursday, August 4, 2011

Birthday Party

Today is my birthday as well as my roommate Robert's birthday.  It also happens to be Barack Obama's birthday, so the kids were asking us if every gringo is born on August 4th.  The kids were saying happy birthday to me in English all day and giving me hugs.  Ricardo organized a surprise party for us in the afternoon.  The students left an hour early and we had a nice little celebration with a pinata, cake, and chicken and rice.  Rob and I were both saying that it was one of the best birthdays we have had in a while.

They got us a Spiderman pinata, which was perfect.  The ceilings are so high at the school and whenever we have a fiesta it is a logistical nightmare to thread the rope through to hang it.  As you can see Rob tried to climb a pole and thread it through and almost got a birthday broken leg.  It turns out another of our teachers was born August 4th so he was included in the celebration.  Three out of like 14 teachers have the same birthday.  

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