Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Walking the Dog

I took a huge nap today, which I normally don't like to do.  I have been having at least an hour of band practice everyday to get ready for the Independence Day celebration on September 15th and it has really worn me out.  The band has proven to be more of a challenge than I initially thought.  It takes so much energy to just get the kids together, get them quiet, and have them listen.  If you put 15 drums in a class of 6th graders it is going to be chaos.  However, each time we get together we are getting better.  The band is highly regarded in the celebration and I have felt the pressure from the administration and parents about having a good band.  I am just hoping we will be ready.

After my nap, Leche was waiting outside my door so I took him out for a walk.  Leche has had a rough couple days.  He was out running with Rob and got attacked by another dog.  The dog bit the top of his head and gave him three really deep puncture wounds.  The good thing about Honduras and Olancho specifically is that veterinarians are highly regarded due to their essential role in the cattle based economy.  The majority of the population has access to veterinary services.  It is kind of an unwritten law that everyone gets their dog vaccinated for rabies.  In order to get into the United States, Leche would have had to get rabies vaccine anyways, so we took him to the vet just to make sure he didn't contract rabies.  He was getting special treatment all day yesterday because of his wounds.  We think he gets attacked because all the street dogs are jealous.  Leche is very well kept and educated.  He speaks three languages: English, Spanish, and French.  He has recovered well from his wounds and is more or less back to normal.  It was quite the scare... 

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