Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Exams and Frustration

I gave my first exam today in English to 4th and sixth grade.   The fourth grade exam was a disaster.  They didn’t study at all and they were complaining the entire time.  After the period was up, they were still on the first section.  They didn’t understand that they should complete as many questions as they can and then return.  I have gone over parts of the body with them many times and they seem to be able to come up with the answers when I am verbally asking them, but when the information is on paper, it is a different story.  Fourth grade is a collection of the cutest kids you have ever seen, which makes discipline very difficult.  It is tough for me to be mad at them for not studying.  The reason is that most of their parents aren’t around.  Either their parents are in the United States working, or they just plain aren’t around.  It is hard to develop a support system to encourage work ethic when you are the sole foundation of their support.  Ultimately, it spreads you thin to develop 26 relationships like that.  

6th grade was much better.  They were quiet during the exam, although, when I took my eyes off of them I knew they were exchanging answers.  I just want them to learn something.  Maybe if they cheat and have the correct answer written down they will remember it that way.  I don't know.  I just want them to learn something.  

New Horizons School
First Exam
6th Grade English



I. Vocabulary—Fill in the Blank.

1)      Amable--____________                                  3) Enojado--

2)   Triste--_____________                                    4) Viejo--

5)   Nuevo--______________                                  6) Despues--

7)   Antes--______________                                   8) Feliz--

9)   Delgado--______________                              10) Gordo--

II. Questions—Answer in complete Sentences (Frases Completa).

1)      What is your favorite color?

2)      What is the name of your mother?

3)      How many brothers and sisters do you have?

4)      How are you?

5)      What year were you born?

6)      What is your favorite sport?

III. Numbers—Answer the math problems in English.

1)      One + Five = _____________
2)      Ten + Eight = ____________
3)      Three x Four = ___________
4)      Four x Four = ____________

IV. Parts of the body.  Answer each question in English.

Image of Body
1)      ____________
2)      ____________
3)      ____________
4)      ____________
5)      ____________
6)      ____________
7)      ____________
8)      ____________

     This is the exam I gave to the 6th grade.  It really isn't that hard for them, considering that I did a review the last couple days explaining everything on the exam.  \

CS 100 DOLLAR CHALLENGE--With 100 dollars you can buy 80 packs of cigarettes, although I would NEVER EVER smoke.

Later this week, I will begin highlighting a student to give you a little information about who I have in my classes.  It will be called STUDENT OF THE WEEK.

THE MATADOR CHALLENGE--The matador is a path between two mountains that boasts some of the toughest running terrains I have experienced.  Three river crossings, steep hills, unsure footing, heat, rabid dogs (seriously), and cow crap.  I am guessing the distance to be 3.5-4 miles (it is an out and back).  I will be posting my times from now on every time I run it.  My time this week was over an hour.  Couldn't be specific because I stopped the watch when I walked.  Next time I will have a specific time.

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  1. Can't wait for the student profiles! Exam is spot on. Hope the 6th graders did well. The 4th graders may just need a little help on the first question in each section to get started and build confidence. You are doing a great job!