Monday, February 21, 2011

Leche and a Good Day

My roommates went to Catacamas Sunday to get groceries and a couple other things and the only thing they came back with was a puppy.  All in all, I would say it was a good trip.  Leche (milk) started following them through the streets of Catacamas.  He looked extremely week, bones protruded through his frame.  He probably was born not too long ago and was not able to get the appropriate nutrition from his mother.  It is extremely rare for a street dog to interact with humans, because street dogs are treated horribly here.  Leche chose his home.

They brought him back in a box labled Leche (hence the name Leche).  He has been getting stronger each time he eats.  We have taken him on quite a few walks and to the park to roam around.  He is really starting to come into his own.

School today went well and I think I am starting to make some progress with my students.  The one thing I wished my language professors would do when I was in school is TAKE their TIME.  All my language teachers in college moved so quickly through the material that even if we learned something enough to do well on the test, we forgot about it the week after.  I have been quizzing the kids after learning new material and then I have cumulative tests over all the material.  I will keep adding sections to the cumulative test until it gets too big and then I will shave off what they already know.  With kids this age, everything needs to be a game.  I play a lot of a game that resembles Jeopardy.  The students really get engaged and forget that they are basically running through flash cards.  I usually get through at least 50 words and phrases in one game.

In 6th grade, I am introducing verbs and how to conjugate verbs.  I am starting with the most important verbs- to be, to do, to walk, to talk, to listen etc...

Here are some pictures of Leche.  We just went to the vet and he gave him some vitamins and a flea treatment.  I tried to explain heart worms to the vet but he didn't get it.  Maybe they don't have them here?


Kevin is kind of a class clown.  He talks with a raspy voice, like he has been given one too many doses of cough syrup as a kid.  Because of his raspy voice, Rob calls him DMX (like the rapper).  He is constantly interacting either with me or other students, except when he is doing art work.  He loves to draw and he is a heck of an artist.  No matter what we are doing, he always incorporates a little art into his work.  If we copy down vocabulary words, he will draw each action or noun that I write down.  He definitely is not annoying with his jokes.  He is the alpha male in the fourth grade, although he has cried in class more times than any of the girls or guys put together.  Whenever the kids complain or get upset I just say pobrecitos which basically is a sarcastic way of saying poor baby.  They love it.

EL MATADOR UPDATE-- Ran the Matador twice more this past week.  I finished both times in 42 minutes within a few seconds of each other.  So 42 minutes is my record.  Looking to beat my record this week.

C.S. Hundred Dollar Challenge- With 100 U.S. Dollars, you could buy 2,833 ounces of delicious pear juice

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