Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Student Profile

Student Profile- Alondra "Shakira"

There are two blonde girls in the school and I have them both.  Its absolutely unheard of to be blonde here and I have no idea how it happened that 1) they are both blonde 2) they are both in the same class 3) they are best friends.  Alondra is one of my favorite students.  She is always quiet and has a really sweet personality.  I change classes often between 4th and 6th grade and most of the time she comes to wherever I am and carries my backpack for me to my next class.  Alondra is always around me.  She doesn't talk a lot like the other kids, she just kinda chills and hangs out around me.  She is attentive in class and always takes the notes I ask of her, but I wouldn't say she is one of the most intelligent students in the class--she just has an awesome personality, which I think will do just as much for her in life as raw intelligence.  We hang out a lot at school and she usually sits near me on the bus to and from school.  I wish I could have 10 Alondras in each class, my blood pressure would be much much lower during the day.

C.S. Hundred dollar challenge-  With 100 U.S. dollars, you could buy 209 bars of soap--And you need them in this dusty town!

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  1. She is so adorable, and it's so cute that carries your book bag and hangs with you. Can't wait to meet the others!